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Dr. Masahiro hirasawa, professor, and Dr. Osamu Terakado, assistant professor, have joined in the Materials Analysis and Engineering of our department.
Dr. Yamashita Seiji, assistant professor, have joined in the Laboratory of Function Development Technology of our department.
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The department was founded in 1996 as a graduate program to meet increasing demands for advanced research and education in molecular design and engineering. The department offers programs of study and research in the major areas of biofunctional polymer chemistry, applied organic chemistry, organic process and catalyst chemistry, chemical physics of condensed matters, analytical science, materials design chemistry, and function development technology.

The department accepts students who have graduated from undergraduate courses of various chemistry related departments. The educational program provides graduate students with the ability to cover materials chemistry and its related fields.

The department actively participates in the inter departmental programs with the Department of Applied Chemistry, Department of Chemical Engineering, Department of Biotechnology, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, and Department of Materials Processing Engineering. The current research topics are listed below.

Organic Materials Design and Engineering


Laboratory of Biomaterials Design

Hiroyuki Asanuma (Professor, Dr. Eng.)
Hiromu Kashida (Associate Professor, Dr. Eng.)
Yukiko Kamiya (Associate Professor [Ecotopia], Dr. Eng).

Bio-inspired conjugation for chemical biotechnology and biomaterials.

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Laboratory of Molecular Assembly Systems

Takahiro Seki (Professor, Dr. Eng.)
Yukikazu Takeoka (Associate Professor, Dr. Eng.)
Shusaku Nagano (Associate Professor [VBL], Dr. Eng.)
Mitsuo Hara (Assisitant Professor, Dr. Eng.)

Assembly of molecules and macromolecules, Light-responsive dynamic polymer films, Liquid crystalline materials, Creation of photofunctional soft materials

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Laboratory of Polymer Materials Design-

Eiji Yashima (Professor, Dr. Eng.)
Hiroaki Iida (Associate Professor, Dr. Eng.)
Daisuke Taura (Assistant Professor, Dr. Eng.).

Design and Synthesis of Functional Materials Inspired by Biopolymers Capable of Chiral Discriminating Enantiomers and Their Applications to Chiral Technology.

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Materials Analysis and Engineering


Laboratory of Chemical Physics of Condensed Matters

Shinobu Koda (Professor, Dr. Eng.)
Tatsuro Matsuoka (Associate Professor , Dr. Eng.)
Tsuyoshi Yamaguchi (Assistant Profesor, Dr. Sci.).

Physical Chemistry and Relaxation Phenomena of Molecular Motions in Liquids and Solutions, Physical Acoustics and Sonochemistry.

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Laboratory of Materials Science for Environments

Masahiro Hirasawa (Professor, Dr. Eng.)
Osamu Terakado (Assistant Professor, Dr. Eng.)

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Inorganic Materials Design and Engineering


Laboratory of Solid State Materials

Atsushi Satsuma (Professor, Dr. Eng.)
Kyoichi Sawabe (Associate Professor, D. Sci.)
Junya Ohyama (Assistant Professor, D. Eng.).

Design and Analysis of Solid Surfaces for Development of Catalysts, Sensors, and Semiconductors.

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Laboratory of Function Development Technology

Hideki Kita (Professor, D.Eng.)
Mituru Tanahashi (Associate Professor, D.Eng.)
Takamasa Mori (Assistant Professor, D.Eng.).

New Process Development for Nano Particle System, New Process Development for Nano Particle System, Design and Control of Biomimetic Reaction Fields.

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